Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A PSA: Why 'Sam & Cat' is THE Most Annoying Show. ever.

I have a public service announcement today and it's something that I just have to get off my chest.

I'm just going to come right out and say it:

Sam and Cat is the worst T.V. show in all kid-show existence. In fact, in all T.V. show existence and it needs to go away for good.

Surely, you've seen it by now as it seems like it's constantly on repeat. I know you may be thinking...."Hey Amber! Why on earth do you watch a show that's geared towards 10 year olds? "

The answer to that is that I am a part-time nanny and I also babysit a lot. I spend about half my day dressing up in princess clothes, playing Sorry and watching the Disney Channel. Not voluntarily, it's my job.

With that being said, I've seen about 5 episodes of said TV show, off and on. I can safely say that it makes me stabby.

The first (and probably most impactful) problem I have with it is Cat. (Ariana Grande or whatever.) HER VOICE. Oh my God. It is literally monotone/one pitch in the highest octave possible. I wish I could let you hear my amazing impression of it, because it's spot on. Please tell me if you've seen the show if you agree about her voice. It's like she's got a walking Disney Princess/robot voice. It.makes.me.crazy. I can hear it a mile a way. In fact, I can hear it in my head right now. Fingernails on a chalk board.  It's an issue.

My second problem I have with Cat is that she's a freaking idiot. Actually, she pretends to be an idiot. What the heck is she teaching our young girls? (I sound like my mother, I know.) ...that in order to be successful, funny and popular, you have to play dumb?!?! Don't even get me started. I want to shake her and all of her fans who look up to her as a role model and tell each one of them personally that intelligence is the sexiest damn thing a woman can have! Whatever happened to brains being hot? I think that needs to come back in style.

My next problem is WHY THE HECK ARE THEY NOT IN SCHOOL? Presumably they spend their entire day doing idiotic things at their house or on the streets. Maybe she wouldn't be so dumb if she was actually where she's supposed to be.... in school, like any normal teenager! There's no flippin' way these girls have graduated high school already. No way. Not even to mention college *shudder*  See problem #2.

Which leads me to my next question....uhhhh Where are their parents!?!?!??! Did they just abandon their daughters? Did they just leave them all on their own? What kind of parents leave their daughter with another unintelligent, hormonal teenage girl, to survive all on their own!?!

Also, has anyone thought of whose house they are living in? Some random fellow's? Maybe one of their deadbeat parents? Even more so, how in the heck do they even afford it? Much less have the latest gadgets (I don't even understand the iPear thing) and constantly ordering things on their version of Amazon.

Oh but wait, they have a "job". 

Woah Nelly. Back it up...Apparently they run their own babysitting business. HAVE YOU SEEN THESE GIRLS? Much less even care for a child!!?! They are the worst freaking babysitters I've ever seen. I'm pretty sure my 4 year old dog could do a better job blindfolded than they do. For goodness sakes, they let an Amazon drone pick up the baby they are watching and carry it to God knows where. Then as if it can't get anymore terrible, they forget which baby is theirs when they go to retrieve it. Let me repeat. They 'FORGOT' which baby was theirs. Rocket science, kids. Rocket science.
Come. On. 

I had to laugh because in this one particular episode I'm talking about, a lawyer came to 'their' (we haven't actually figured out WHOSE house it really is) house to serve them with a cease and desist letter because of their business name. HOW ABOUT BECAUSE THEY FLIPPING LOSE CHILDREN AND FORGET WHO THEY ARE!?!?!?!?!

I won't even mention in this post all of this drama. All I'm saying is this: What kind of role models are these two girls posing for our children, especially our daughters, nieces, sisters etc?

Sam and Cat. Go away. Forever.

*A Public Service Announcement brought to you by one frustrated, somewhat intelligent, babysitter/college student.*

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