Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Influenster Spring Fever Vox Box

I was so excited to hear that influenster was sending me another Vox Box!
I've already received two before, so I was really excited to get this one!

When it arrived in the mail, I was kinda unimpressed. 
Not that I was complaining, because it was given to me for free, and I love free stuff, 
I was just so-so about it. 

Secret Outlast Clear Gel Deodorant
This may be TMI, but I've been having deodorant problems recently. Okay, B.O. problems. Nothing ever seems to work strong enough for me! I've finally found that the solid form of this secret works well for me. I'll be interested in seeing if the gel works the same. We shall see!

NYC New York Color Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm
 I really like this. It's sheer, but after a few strokes, you'll get the classic red you're looking for. 

Here is my swatch after about 6 strokes.
Still sheer, but very moisturizing. This will be great for summer!
While this is a great lip balm, it has this terribly strong 'fake apple' smell. It's off-putting to me because I get migraines easily from smells. The color is great, though and I will wear lightly as the smell does wear off after a while. 

Broadway Nail ImPRESS Press-on Manicure

 I'm not a fake nail person. It's just not me, and I would never personally choose to put a brown color on my nails. It just seems gross to me. I gave these to my aunt and she liked them. She said they were easy to apply and lasted quite a while! So maybe I'll give them a try in a different color. 

Schwarzkopf OSIS Gelatstic
I used this in my hair after I went to the beach to hopefully achieve those beachy waves everyone goes for. I applied a small amount and that was just enough. It didn't leave my hair crunchy, which I like,  but still held my natural wave.

 Tastykake Kandy Bar Kakes:
I didn't even get the chance to taste this, as the second my sweet little cousin saw it, it was his. 
I'll let the pictures speak for themselves ;)

 as you can see, he totally hated it! LOL.
He literally devoured it in under 10 seconds flat. He really really liked it and asked if we could buy some!
That's when you know it's good. 

Anyway, Sign up for influenster, and maybe you could test out some products! It's great!
Overall, I am excited about all the things I received and I plan on using almost all of it.

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for Testing purposes only. These thoughts and opinions are my own :)*


  1. Your cousin is a cutie! Sign him up for commercials!

    1. LOL! He'd love it! He is a character!


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