Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Well Wednesday, you snuck up on me again. I swear days have been flying by recently! I am not complaining since this is my last week of class. I cant believe I already have one year of college under my belt! It is a huge achievement for my family because I am the only one to go to college straight out of high school in my family. 3 more years to go...bring it on.
So anyways, why are we here? Oh yeah, What I wore wednesday. Only a few outfits for you. Its not that I didn't dress nice, it is that I just couldn't take any pictures, seeing that I rely on my younger brother to take them and he started driving school last week (scary!).

Kinda hard to see the detail on my shirt, but there are flowers all over the top. 
I saw a girl at school wear the same but with a denim vest, which I have, but I couldn't find. So the denim jacket had to do. 
Oh and the great thing is that this outfit is 100% secondhand! whoop whoop!
Jacket (oldnavy), and capris (loft) - goodwill
shoes, shirt -Consigned

Can you kinda see the flowers? 
Earrings- not a clue (super old)

ugh, I hate this outfit. Still dont know why I am posting it. Oh yeah something about accountability....
for starters, the shirt is huge on me and the necklace looks equally as bad.
and well it doesnt help that the pictures stink...
Chambray top-TJMAXX
white tank and sandals-old navy
capris- consigned (gap)

I must have been feeling pink this week, which is weird because its not normally a color I go for.
Dress- target super clearance (like $7)

And that is it! I know, boring boring boring, but I promise to be better next week!
See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Love your dress! Looks pretty on you.


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