Friday, May 25, 2012


I feel the need to break into song, but I will restrain for your sake. 
You see, I couldnt be happier that it is Friday, which means the weekend is here.
No plans, just happy to have my family home :)
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it's a lot today, mainly because I've combined two weeks worth of pictures!

It was my last night babysitting yesterday. It was sad. (I am leaving for the summer)
I will definitely miss this funny, stubborn, amazingly adorable smile. 

and this one too. He just started loving to color. So that is just what we did. Color. 
and laugh, and wipe a few tears. 

I attempted to be an overachiever with my coloring skills, but failed miserably. 
I promptly ripped it up and buried it.

I also got lots of snuggle time with their doggie. I love him too.

got my new summer bag from The Pleated Poppy and am so in love!
I even got a new wallet to match!

a while ago my family and I went to a B'not mitzvah. It was our first time, and we really enjoyed it!
It was really interesting learning all of the culture!
anyways, we took this at the reception
me, my mom, and future sister-in-law

my mouth is watering. I love fresh, crunchy, sea-salty asparagus.
so good. and so healthy.

this has been my world the past few days. 
boxes an boxes and boxes
and yes more boxes
not fun at all.

I self medicated with cookies. Only the best of course: peanut butter blossoms!

I also found out that I actually "like" coffee. Well sorta, only when hot chocolate is mixed in with it. 
I believe the fancy term is a Mocha.
it is so yum!
and freshly baked strawberry banana bread is pretty great too!

and lastly, my weirdo dog. I heard noises upstairs one afternoon and went to investigate. I couldnt figure out what it was until I opened my shower curtain and see my dog. crazy. He likes to play under my leaky faucet for some weird reason. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. When I saw your asparagus pic, I stopped by! My dad was a huge gardener and grew asparagus and your picture brought back sweet memories! And as a bonus, I enjoyed the rest of your week! Blessings!


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