Friday, May 4, 2012


Linking up with Jeannett over at life rearranged to share with you my weekly cell pictures!
I am SO glad it is friday.... dont you??
Nothing spectaular going on this weekend, but it will probably contain lots of studying. You see, Finals are next week... then Summmahhh!!! can I get a whoop whoop??
Oh how I love summer. Well except for the texas 110 degrees weather that literally kills me everytime. 
Im that weird person that would rather be freezing than hot. yuck. I hate heat. 

man, did I get off topic...
back to instafriday:

Fun times nannying this cute little kiddo. He makes me smile :)

Why am I putting this on here?? Ok, let me explain my super ugly appearance. (please dont think I look like this normally). So this was saturday morning with my family eating breakfast. Normally, my mom and I get up super early and go garage-saleing on saturday. This usually includes getting dressed in the dark and grabbing what ever I can find, then brushing my teeth and running out the door. No time for glamour. And trust me, the other "salers" dont care that much but see what no poor soul should awful uncleaned, no makeup, unbrushed hair and face. 

after the breakfast, I was relieved to go to work. Thats how bad it was. 
but I did get lots of snuggling time in with their dog. He is so cute!

I really dont know how to caption this picture other than to say that we were waiting at the car-wash and everyone was "super" thrilled.

My mom, brother and family friend and I decided to go on a bike ride...
it was so much fun! Although, let me say, never take pictures while riding a bike. very dangerous. 
oh, another great tip is to not open your mouth with screaming "OMG THERE IS A BUNNY IN THE ROAD, SWERVE!!!" because you will get bugs in your mouth. guaranteed. 

I am pretty sure I have the coolest bike ever. 
ok, so my mom's is pretty sweet too. 
its a close second. 

ahh, pretty wildflowers! One good thing about texas during the spring are all the gorgeous wildflowers! 
Saw these indian paintbrushes and unknown white flowers on our bike ride!
(please note it is blurry because I was attempting to take the picture will riding.
Children, please dont try this at home)

We did stop, however, to look at the creek behind our house. It was so beautiful! It was low because we havent had a lot of rain. I cant wait until it is though, because I want to swim in it during the summer! so fun!

Every month our local groomer throughs a party at a restaurant, where you can bring your dog on the patio and have dinner. This was our first time going and it was a blast! This little fella kept stealing our fries behind our backs...he was sneaky! but oh so cute!

My little pooch loved it as well. She loved meeting all the other dogs!
She also loved inspecting the butterfly that kept fluttering around me. 

So, if you're wondering my my blog is titled what it is, it's because of this. 
My aunt told me when I was a little girl that butterflies are angels that watch over you.
Ever since then, I noticed that butterflies follow me. no seriously. They fly by when I'm driving, flutter around me when I ride my bike, even land on me at dinner...
 Now, every time I see one I smile and think of what my aunt had said. 

isnt this how we all feel sometimes??? I feel like I could fall asleep right now!  TGIF right??
This little guy was kaput during dinner on the patio. 
You gotta admit, that face is killer!

~Happy Weekend Y'all!~

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