Friday, May 11, 2012


First friday of summer! I am beyond excited!
Kicking off the season with my cell pictures for the week!

Keeping with our tradition and doing our sunday family bike rides! This time, our pup, kipper, went along for the ride.
so fun!

I was so inspired that I even rode again later in the week. Loving this spring weather, while it lasts for all of 4 hours.

I refreshed after with a passion tea. So yummy and for only a dollar something and the fact that it has zero calories, I am in love!

Letting this kiddo fake drive is the funniest thing ever. Except for when I get in the car after I leave and my wipers go crazy and every single light is on in my car. Ya, fun times. 

just a random shot of me. yes, still hate my hair. Still regret ever stepping into the salon. boooo!

let me tell you that this is the best meal ever. It would have been better if I had fresh basil, but its still pretty great. hint water is the bomb. (cant believe I just used that phrase.)

Oh sleepy doggies. Arent they adorable. This little guy was sound asleep and having wild dreams. He kept barking and yelping....hehe so cute

thats all! Slim pickins' this week, so sorry!

Happy Friday!


  1. ohmyword! your bikes are soooo cool! what a fun week! thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks so much Jeannett! By the way, the stroller thing totally makes sense now :) Thanks so much for commenting, It made my day! One of my favorite bloggers commenting on mine!!
      Have a great weekend!


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