Friday, May 18, 2012

Ahh Haa Moments

Yes, I am aware that it is friday and I should be linking up over at liferearranged for InstaFriday, but to be honest, I have about 3 pictures from this week. So I figured I would save them for next week and share with you the things that give me those "man I shouldve thought of that!!!" moments.
Oh pinterest, how I love thee!

Anyways, here are some from my Problem Solving Ideas board on Pinterest. (by the way, have you followed me yet?? look ----> over there! See the button?)

So lets get started:

Yep. Pretty awesome idea (the picture explains itself)

This is also pretty sweet. Basically they took an old VHS cover, put a picture through the slit, and nailed it in the wall to hide valuables. So. darn. smart.

Ugh, How many times have you broken nails to try to add a new key??? This is the perfect solution. They took a stapler remover and used it to open the ring. So clever!

For travel, add saran wrap to the inside of bottles to avoid leaks. (and no more wasted shampoo because it exploded all over your clothes!)

For those annoying pictures that require two nails, add masking tape to measure the distance. Then just apply the tape to the wall and level. No more 50 unneeded holes!

Hope you enjoyed all those lightbulb moments! Youre welcome! 

Happy Friday y'all!

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