Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Linking up with lindsey for What I Wore Wednesday: a place for accountability and inspiration. 
Like I promised, I took LOTS of pictures this week! I finally bought and wore some color which is awesome! I normally only wear neutrals! I also broke out the shorts and flip flops... Spring is here! FINALLY right???

Thursday's Outfit:
Super hot (like 85 degrees!!!)
floral tank- thrifted (orig. target)
white tank and cardi- loft outlet
 I have to admit that I only wore the cardigan to school and in this picture because I was SUPER hot and I also have a really really bad farmers tan!
shorts- thrifted
 Flip flops from old navy which you cant see! :)

Friday's Outfit:

Babysitting and school
Chambray shirt- TJMAXX
black tank- hand-me-down (orig. target)
white capris- thrifted (orig loft)
belt- consigned
sandals-old navy
earrings- from my trip to paris 

Saturday's outfit:
Party and errands
blue shirt- consigned (orig Khols)
white tank- loft outlet
jeans-thrifted (gap)
flats- macy's
necklace- consigned

Monday's Outfit:

COLOR! I know!!! I love it though!
Pleated Purple Dress- F21
jean jacket- thrifted (old navy)
necklace- khols
sandals- old navy

Tuesday's Outfit:
so I decided to try a new trend (colored jeans) and I am kinda unsure about them, I think the fit is off but otherwise, okay I guess.
Just class and a little thrift shopping
White tee- thrifted(orig. Loft)
pink jeans- consigned (orig. Gap)
scarf- paris
sandals (can you tell I need to buy more sandals???)-old navy

and Violia! I am exhausted typing all that! (was it a lot or is that just me??) 
So what are your opinions on color? Do you wear lots of it? Or just subtle pops??
Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I am loving your blog.. Came over from WIWW and almost everything you have posted is something i have worn in the last 2 weeks or something that has been swimming around in my brain as an idea

    i broke down and wore some read capris this week & i have a pink pair i have been eyeballing to wear with one of my 3 denims shirts i have thrifted in the last month...

    Now on to fine me some white pants/capris....

    1. Oh my Becky, you made my day! I was so discouraged about no one really reading my blog, but you made me feel so much better! Its too funny that we wear the same things...its like your my twin in another life...hehe!
      Thanks so much for your amazing comment! Please feel free to follow me!
      Have a great weekend!

  2. Haha!! I'm old enough to be your mother but twin in another life sounds good..
    When I kept reading your blog I realized your grandparents live in too!!
    And you live in TX.. So does my sister... I miss her.. Wish i was in TX
    I am following you but I didn't get any message saying you had commented back.. I will have to check my spam folder... I hate missed message

    1. that is too funny! Its such a small world! Cant believe that! Thanks for your wonderful comments!


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