Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goodwill Hunting

So, heres another random post...
I love goodwill. There I said it. Its an addiction really. I love scouring through the racks and racks of clothes to find that one cute top out of hundreds and I love digging and digging through shelves of junk to find that one gem. Its like hunting, but for women. (oh and you're not killing innocent animals)
So I decided to share with you those gems I found at goodwill this week.
I normally hit up GW on mondays because I find they put out more stock because the weekends over, and plus they introduce a new sale color!

Here is an overall view of everything I found. 
lots of breakables and only one item of clothing.
here is the breakdown
1 floral china vase-1.99
1 beach chair picture frame (for my mom)-.99
1 mason jar with lid closure-.99
1 wrought iron fruit basket thing-1.99
mercury glass bowl-.99
juicy couture dress-1.99

The best part was the dress. It was marked for 3.99 but when I tried it on, it had a small hole that is easy to stich. I loved it, but not for the price. (can you tell I'm cheap??) So, I brought it to the counter and asked if there was anything they could do....and YES! she gave it to me for 1.99!! I was so happy!

here is a close up of some of my finds.

so are you ready for the total....Drumroll please.....

$8.94!!! Can you believe it???

My juicy dress probably was worth over three times that amount alone!!!
I was so happy with all my finds!
I LOVE goodwill!

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