Wednesday, March 7, 2012


What I wore wednesday.  A place for accountability and inspiration. It was so easy for me just to throw on a tee shirt and sweats, but ultimately, doing so caused me to feel so terrible about my self image. 
Enter Lindsey. She started WIWW for accountability too. Now, women everywhere are making an effort not only for their husband/friends or whoever, but they are making themselves feel better!
So, Here are my outfits for the week. I only wore sweats once!! WOOHOO!

Thursday: so pretty here like 75 degrees!
Class and errands

Tank-macy's clearance
Under tank- loft outlet
jeans- trusty ol' levis. (they are getting pretty worn out! Paint splatters to holes!)
Shoes-macy's clearance
earrings- local boutique (franchesca's)
yuck...can you still see that nasty blue streak in my hair! I cant get rid of it!

striped tee- thrifted (jcrew)
jeans-(rolled up to make capris) loft outlet
sandals-old navy
necklace thrifted
posy pin- of course thepleatedpoppy

I will NOT be wearing this outfit again. It is sooooo bad, I blame it on the cold meds! 
tank-american eagle
shoes-macy's clearance

once again- beautiful weather!! I was hot in this outfit!

top- thrifted
tank-american eagle
jeans- loft outlet
chucks-tjmaxx forever ago
necklace-pier 1

and now, looking at these pictures, I realized how much grey or beige I wear. I definitely need color. So I guess this means I HAVE to go to F21 to get some...right?

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