Friday, March 9, 2012


Well Hello there! Welcome to instafriday: a link up party for peeps to share their weekly cell pics
Thanks Jeannett!
seriously go check her out.. she is amazing!

OK, So I have a thing with old oak trees...but they are so pretty!!! I cant help it! pretty! This one is in front of our church and it makes me think of all God's wonderful creations! Amazed!

Watchin jungle book with the kiddo; have I mentioned how much I love my job??? Nannying rocks!

and so after we played dino v. super hero. Super hero won...duh!

and then we bounced around in the ball pit. and it turned into war so we read books instead.

grrr.. back at the dr! I swear! I cant shake this cold! I am so sick of it! but I now have meds and some nose spray so "hopefully" all will be better soon! Ps. I hate those swabs they shove down your throat...yuck!

well, after the doctor, I decided to self medicate with a milkshake. It is okay since Im sick right??? haha I wish! 

Packing list for my trip to NW georgia. I have to say. I am THE worst packer. EVER. period. I never know what to pack and what to bring so I either  end up with too much, or not enough. And to be sure I dont forget anything behind, I make these obnoxious lists. They only help a little. 

look at these pretty lights in a fav. mexican restaurant. They have them strung on the celling to make it look like an outside patio. So cool!

wathced this creepy 20/20 episode about some poor lady drowning on her honeymoon...or was it murder???(enter law and order sound effects here)

okay! Geez! I have been SOOO bad this week! I know! a milkshake and a cupcake! By the way, I totally meant to take the picture before I scarfed it down, but before I knew it, my cupcake disappeared! I seriously dont know where it went!! muahahahahahaha

and my lucky number seven and my favoritist (is this a word? oh well I am making it one!) restaurant. ok I know I have a lot of favorites! but this one makes me happy because the decor is all pink and green and girly! so cute!
oh and they make amazing strawberry cupcakes that I have never ever had ever. no seriously. ever. 


and there you have it, my amateur cell pics for the week! Ending my week with a plane ride to GA,  how will you be spending yours??? 
Happy weekend Y'all!

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