Friday, March 2, 2012


Linking up with Jeannett at Life rearranged to share my weekly cell phone pictures in a segment called Insta-Friday! 
wow, I sound like a tv host. 

This is my youngest brother. He is already a heartbreaker and a rockstar. For reals. 

Okay, Ill admit. No I did not cook this. I am a TERRIBLE and I mean TERRIBLE cook. 
Thanks Mom!

Horse grazing + sun shining+ white picket fence = pure perfection.

Still confused about my fortune from Pei Wei.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I actually have 2 dogs? Well I do. I really only talk about one because she has THE biggest personality. But this guy (kipper) is "the grouch" in our family. He is mean and snobby and just plain rude. He never EVER wants to be pet or held....except for this day. He wanted to snuggle with me all day! It was awesome. I soaked it all in because I knew that it was a rare occasion.
Here he is looking all cute snuggling with me!

And then we watched New Girl together!

Random? yes I know. But I just got this super cool tissue box that rocks my socks off! I will seriously cry when it runs out! and I wont have any tissues to wipe them :'(  

Pretty tulips my brother (no not the "rockstar" my oldest brother, the "mature" one. and by the way I only have two brothers and no sisters) got for my mom. I was jealous. 

another random pic. My grandma made this for me out of vintage brooches. I was trying to describe it to a friend, but I just took a pic instead... so here it is. A random letter C on insta friday. 

This little pizzeria is right across the street from my campus. It makes me smile. Especially when this cute little yellow vespa is parked out front. This reminds me, I need to eat here more for lunch. College students get a discount. 

SO that is exactly what I did. I ate a YUMMY slice of cheese pizza. Only $2 too! amazing!
Anyway, I was trying out new features I learned on instagram so I tested them on the menu. 
So wish I was in italy right now. 

Here are King Cake cupcakes I made for a party. They were DELICIOUS!
Recipe found here

and since Jeannett was generous enough to show us her pinterest fail. I will show you mine. I found this super cool necklace on pinterest but I couldnt find it again. So i guessed. let me tell you... Ugliest. thing. ever. No joke. The picture doesnt even show all of its ugliness. It literally looks like I have a four inch fungus growing off of me. YUCK!

And there you have it. My week in pictures!


  1. Love the picture of your brother, my little brother played drums in high school. It drove me crazy most days ;) & your Pei Wei food? Makes me hungry! I've been craving chinese all week!

    1. Pei Wei is the best! You so need to go!!

  2. i love that photo of the vespa! i want one so bad! :) and those cupcakes look sooo yummy!

    i recently started an instagram link party on my blog, and i still need some help getting it started. if you want, come by and check it out and maybe link up! thanks so much!


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