Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oh Tuesday....

Tuesday. This is what it brings me.

-packing for my spring break trip( I am a really bad packer)
- deep cleaning my house
-driving to the ends of the earth to find supplies for a cake I am baking
- maybe stop in f21 on my way off the face of the planet
-go to class and listen to an obnoxious lecture of things I already know
-go to dollar store
- pick up bro from school
-drop bro off at guitar lessons
- cook dinner
-go to different store(hobby lobby) to find different supplies
-go to bank
-deposit checks at bank
and most importantly...
Watch yesterday's bachelor episode. Shhh don't tell me!!
Oh and did I mention I'm getting sick???

Phew, feels better to write it all down. Now just to get it all done!

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