Friday, March 23, 2012


Can I just say THANK GOODNESS it is Friday! I swear this was the longest week of my existence!!! Geez! (Ok I know, I am being dramatic) But Still!!! 
So Friday can only mean one thing.....INSTA-friday! Im linking up with Jeannett to share my weekly (amateur) cell pictures!

Ok people. Be prepared. There are a LOT of pictures. and I mean a lot. Partly because I missed last week and because I have a bunch of vacation pictures! 
Dont say I didn't warn you!

First off, is my super interesting, and exciting plane ticket!! (enter sarcasm here)
Can you tell I was excited to visit my grandparents?

I LOVE these pictures. I have no idea why! but every.single.time. I ride an airplane, I have to take a picture of the wing with the sky. yep, call me a nerd. 
oh in case you didn't know, I was in GA visiting my grandparents and cousins.

This is my little-est (is that a word?) cousin. I watched him being born, at 13!!! Let me say OUCH! I praise all you mothers out there! Anyway, he is my little man. Although now my little man has an attitude and also a sense of humor. He cracks me up! I told him to smile for a picture while he was fishing and this is what I get. Him fishing with one hand, and picking his booty with another. love that kid. 

then, following the fishing, my aunt, little man, and I set off on a canoe ride. Man, I should have recorded it because it was hilarious! Two blondes trying to steer a canoe. yep. my family. love them!

This I think was a picture from the Photo a day thing. Clouds? right? well, aren't they beautiful! Amazed at god's creations!

This is what we spent our week building. I, for some reason, didnt take a picture of the "treehouse" completed, but here it is in progress. Next project is building my cottage! Cant wait for summer!

Funny story for this one: My "nana" sent my aunt and I to town to buy some ice. We pulled into the dollar general I think, When I saw this huge shack (oxymoron right?) that said ICE! So we tried it out and this thing was AWESOME! So cool in fact, I had to take my picture with it!

This is what I get when I ask for a "nice" picture. (little man and my younger bro up top)

Later in the week, we went hiking down towards a waterfall on my grandparent's property. Here is my aunt and her BFF hiking with me. It was an AWESOME work out let me tell ya!

But it was all worth it because the falls were beautiful!!! THen we decided to hike all the way up the falls (as in we climbed through the falls) It was the coolest experience!

The next day we visited Pointe Park in Chattanooga, or overlooking Chattanooga more like.  Such pretty views and so much history!

Here are little man, my bro, and oldest cousin (still younger than me) climbing dangerous rocks! Boys will be boys right??

And here are my aunt and I watching them, while looking pretty!
ha! Girls! This was actually our last day there. the day after, we all packed up in the car and headed home.

Luckily, we had this beautiful scenery to enjoy on the way home. Oh wait. 
but we did get a great game of I spy whats-in-the-trunk-of-this-dudes-car. very exciting if I don't say!

the best part of road trips are the gas station stops (for me at least) but did you know that they make "SHARE SIZE" crazy I know! this thing was HUGE!!

I knew I was home when I saw this gorgeous view! There is nothing like texas sunsets!

and this little angel was waiting for me when I got home. I missed her  she missed me so much!!

and look at this beauty I found to hold all my flower pins and such! I LOVE it! I need to take a pic of it with all my posys!

enjoying my FREE cup of tea thanks to Influenster! It was great!

plus I loved the rainbow of colors the tea bags came in! I cant wait to try them all, oh but not licorice. 

and I'm leaving you with this super random picture of a strawberry on steroids. Seriously this thing was huge, GINORMOUS! it was almost the same size as my iphone!!!

ok, whew, that was a lot. I know, random and weird and personal. But thats me. take it or leave it :)   (Please take it because I REALLY like you ;) )

and now I am exhausted and have to study for an exam, so I bid you adieu! Till next time folks (ok I am a looney tunes character now apparently)

Have a fabulous weekend y'all!

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