Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday!

Linking up with Lindsey @ thepleatedpoppy for another week of WIWW
Dont have much for ya this week because I have been bed ridden with Vertigo! Have any of you guys had this? It is so awful! I am finally feeling a bit better but I still want to go to the doctor to make sure I dont have an ear infection (I get them sooooo often!)

This was Tuesday's outfit. Very plain now that I see the pics but oh well

Purple Cardigan- Loft
Jeans-Thrifted (Gap)
Owl necklace- local boutique for $2!!!!

Once again, now that I see this outfit, I hate it. Its so yuck! I thought it was so cute in my head but now I see that it's definitely not!!! Maybe it's the jeans? I think I will try a darker wash next time.

Blazer-LC for Khols
Tank-no idea
jeans- loft
shoes- old navy


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