Friday, February 3, 2012


Well It's friday and that only means one thing: WEEKEND! can I get a whoop whoop??
Here is my collection of insta-pics from this week!

Here is what I should have been doing on my wednesday night, reading this obnoxiously obvious chapter for my comp class about properly highlighting, but instead, I....

....."cleaned"my desk! I know it may not look clean, but it is! I promise!!! You should've seen the before (scary)

Got this blast from the past saturday night, while babysitting/nannying 
The 9 year old kicked my butt!!

well I should've worn these a whole lot more than I did this week. I only did my workout once this week!!! Ouch!!!

Here is what I wake up to every morning. Not only does she sit right on top of me, but she then will like my face until I wake up enough to pet her!
Isn't she beautiful :)

Here is my diy valentine's decor...look farther down my blog for more pics!!

Nannying to this cutie patotie!!

 Beautiful clouds in Dallas just after rain. So that oak tree is gorgeous as well!

 Okay, Ill admit, this is my guilty pleasure....
I just love her and her cute little family!

Oh wait so is this.....but not so guilty. (except I spend all my time on here when I should be reading about how to properly highlight an article.) Once again, I also just love her and her cute little family!

and there you have it! My week in pictures!!
Enjoy your weekend! 


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