Friday, February 10, 2012


It's Friday so I am linking up to show you my weekly cell pics! Not a lot this week, I think I lacked inspiration!! Or just had nothing to take pictures of!

My guilty food pleasure...I totally broke my diet for this brownie supreme sundae!! Yumm!!! Don't worry, I am back to eating leaves!

I love this kiddo! We were having fun watching the super bowl together. :) I love my job!

Saw this quote and fell in love! It is so true~

Glee: my favorite show! Although this past episode really sucked song wise!

My new do!
Still trying to figure it out but overall I like it!

yummy breakfast for me! I love eating alone!

and thats it! Hope you enjoyed my "photography" HA!


  1. Yum. That sundae definitely looks worth taking a break from your diet for!

  2. Thanks Holly! It was so yummy!! Have you ever heard of Freddy's? They have the BEST custard!


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