Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flower belt tutorial

So I promised the tutorial for this a couple days ago...
So here it is!

Here is What you'll need:

  •  Glue Gun and LOTS of glue sticks
  • Fabric Sicssors
  • Felt-- I used 3 different colors ( you wont use the full sheet of felt)
  • Ribbon

First, cut your each of your pieces of felt into 1"(one inch) strips. I only used two strips of each color, but depending if you want your flower to be larger or smaller, you can add or subtract how many strips to use. 

Next, cut on one side of the strips into a wavy pattern. This doesn't have to be perfect!

Then begin gluing on the side you did not cut the wavy pattern on. At first, wrap the felt tight to make the center to make the bud, then continue gluing normally. 

This is what it should begin to look like. When you glue the whole strip of felt. You can either stop, or add another strip to make you flower bigger. If you do this, just simply continue where you left off. 

Here is what mine looked like finished. When you finish gluing, play around with the petals to make them look more realistic. I just smashed mine a little until I got it the way I liked. 

After, repeat these steps until you reach your desired amount of flowers.

Next, cut a couple leaves out of felt. (I just free handed them) again, they dont have to be prefect!

Then, I glued a thin line toward the bottom and pushed the two sides together. This gives the leaves a "3D" effect. Put the leaves off to the side, we will use them in a bit :)

Now is where the Belt part comes in! Place your flowers on the leftover felt where you would like them placed on your belt. Cut a little wider and a lot taller than the flowers actually are. This extra will be used to attach the ribbon. 

Then, take off the flowers and glue about halfway down on the felt. Attach your ribbon. (you will want you ribbon to also be placed halfways around its length) Next, add LOTS of glue all over the piece of felt and over the ribbon. Fold over the piece of felt. 

Next, add glue to your flowers and place them on the felt. Also add your leaves using glue as well.

Cut the excess felt off the belt. 

There you have it!!! You can where it however high or low you want! Just make sure you allow enough ribbon length! 
I get so many compliments on it, and everyone asks me where I bought it from. Little do they know that I paid less than $3 worth of materials for it and I have enough to make a second one! 

The possibilities are endless with this belt! You can change up the way you cut the edges to make mums instead of roses; you can change the colors, the amount, the ribbon......and the list could go on!!

Hopefully everything made sense. If you have any questions just leave me a comment and I will answer them!

Dont forget, If you make this craft using my tutorials, send me the link via comments so I can admire your handiwork!

Happy Gluing!

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