Friday, February 24, 2012


Linking up with liferearranged for another week of cell pics!

My favorite signs ever. Period. 
especially when you find $35 steve madden boots reg. $300

Isnt this chandelier beautiful!! It is hung in our fav italian restaurant

Celebrating Mardi Gras a la maison!

My new quilt my grandma made me! It is so beautiful!

This is so creepy! NO this isnt the real me!! I swear! My bro has an app that switches people's faces! This is of me and my oldest brother...with swapped weird!

Nope, I didnt eat this all by myself. Though I so couldve! It was delicious! I love cappuccino pie, but I hate coffee! Weird I know

Dollar store cake plates made from a pinterest idea!
idea found here

Nothing like clearance vday candy! Split w/ my mom of course!
I dont like eating the whole pieces, so I just sample each candies...So bad for me but oh so good!

Another pinterest idea. This one is to be given away at our monthly pinterest party!
Dont know what that is? Its a monthly party where our friends come together and share our pinterest crafts to exchange! We bring a craft and make a pinterest recipe to eat! It is so fun!
idea found here

Gorgeous rose huh! This picture doesnt do it justice!

Love this verse!
I updated our white board because Vday was long gone!

and to finish: an amazing sight! I love TX sunsets!

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