Monday, February 6, 2012

Random! Four quiz!

four jobs i have had in my life:
- preschool teacher at my church
- nanny
- Babysitter? Does this count?
- Cake Baker :)
four movies i’ve watched more than once:
- Midnight In Paris
- Christmas Vacation
- Shutter Island
-  Crazy, Stupid, Love
four places i’ve lived:
- St. Pete, Florida (2 years)
-Clearwater, Florida (1 year)
- Calgary, Canada (1 year)
- Flower Mound, Texas (14 years)
four tv shows i watch:
- Shark Tank
- the office (online or netflix)
- Up all night
- Glee
four places i have been:
- Hawaii
- Barbados
- london
- paris
four favorite foods:
- Peanut butter! okay AND chocolate
- bluebell ice cream (yes, has to be bluebell)
- Chicken cordon bleu
- scalloped potatoes (random but oh so yummy!)
(yes, i’m a health nut. can’t you tell?)
four places i’d rather be right now:
- snuggling on my grandparents couch watching TV together
- in target with an unlimited budget
- in bed
- with my BFF, sitting on the beach, laughing
four things i’m looking forward to this year:
- Spring break!
- finishing my first year of college!!!!!
- Christmas...Im ready!
- summer vacation
four places i love to shop:
- Goodwill
- target
- ann taylor loft outlet but only in the clearance section!
- anthropologie(does it count if I have never purchased anything?? I just love looking!!!)
TAG! you’re it!

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