Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I wore wednesday

I started documenting my outfits to provide as a sort of an accountability factor. I am in college, and it is so easy for me to just want to roll out of bed and find whatever is clean and throw it on.
I found myself wearing nothing but Tshirts and jeans.
I felt bad about myself.
Now, I put an extra 10 minutes into my appearance, and my mood instantly changes.
I feel better.

This week I only have two outfits to share.
Now, this isn't because I didn't "get dressed"
I just forgot to take pictures!

I felt very feminine in this. Probably because of the pink and lace.
I think this is the only pink clothing item I own. 
{I'm not a pink person}
but I love lace!
Pink cardi: Goodwill (old navy)
Lace blouse: F21
jeans: loft outlet
flats: macy's

The necklace was a gift, but from charming charlie.

Oh, what a dreary day this was!
It rained the whole day.
I regret not wearing my rain boots, but whatevs.
This outfit was so comfy, and the scarf is the only thing that saves this outfit from being too blah.
Sweater: F21 mens
(yes, you read that right. I shop the mens department. Don't judge me.)
white tank: target
jeans: Sevens/ Goodwill (which I fixed here)
flats: macy's
scarf: target for a whopping $4.48

Wondering why I bought a man's sweater?
it's because of these amazing arm patches.
They are the only reason why I am showing you these weird and awkward pictures.
No, I didn't just want you to see my butt.

and that's where I'm ending this post.

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  1. I love the colors and the scarf in the second picture! you have a very sweet smile also :)

  2. I love that cream shirt with the pink sweater! Very cute!
    No judgement here! Wear what you love!


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