Monday, February 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap-up: Garage Sales and Baby Kisses

Ugh. Is it really monday?
No. no way.
I will not accept this.

Anywho, this weekend was packed full, so I'm wrapping up my weekend for ya!

Friday, as I'm sure you can guess, My mom and I hit up our favorite store: 
Goodwill of course.
We didn't find much because we went so late in the day.
{I've found that it's best to thrift shop earlier in the day because everything's less picked over}
but I did find two things:

I bought two storage containers for under my sink in my bathroom for $4.
Have you ever noticed that girls tend to save a lot of "Goo"?
You know, shampoo, lotion, lip gloss.
{Jenna Marbles made a whole video (skip to 1:07) on this topic that she calls "Goo Hoarding"}
warning: video does contain naughty words ;)
Anyways, I bought these because 
a. they were cheap (they run at about $9 at target for 1!!!!)
b. they were brand new at goodwill (donated by target actually)
c. I have a lot of goo to contain

and that concluded our  Über exciting friday night.

Saturday morning, I helped out a friend host a yard sale.

They were moving and had a lot of stuff.
This picture was taken at the tale end of the sale.
We sold almost everything!
(well, at the end, we started telling everyone "Everything's 10cents!")
that really got rid of a lot.

Then, as predictable as I am,
I went to TJmaxx/Homegoods
Where I really really wanted to take each one of these pictures home with me.
{especially the smaller pinkish one with the books and perfume}
But I refrained because I literally don't have any wall space left.
Unless it's ok to start hanging things from your ceiling?

After, I went to babysit this sweet angel.
I joke with her mommy that she named her after me.
Her name is caroline and that's my middle name.
oh, that's why I sometimes go by AC by the way.
You know, for Amber Caroline ;)

Sunday was a PJ kind of day.

In fact, I didn't get out of them till about 1!
I also got to snuggle with this cutie

When I finally decided to get out of bed, I worked on this little project.
Details soon, of course!

We finished off the weekend with a wonderful family dinner.
It was awesome!
(thanks mom!)

and that was my weekend.
How was yours?

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  1. sounds like a fun weekend! I horde a lot of goo also! I've seen Jenna's video, her thoughts on women and life in general are so funny!

    I also love shopping at goodwill. can't wait to see that project, looks awesome. also looks like it goes on a wall.

  2. I love tjmaxx!
    New follower here =)
    Would love for you to follow me back

    1. Thanks, Im a new follower for your blog!

  3. Sounds like you had a lot of fun this weekend! I love finding something unique in thrift stores, you never know what you'll get there!

    1. That's why I love thrift shopping! There is always something new!

  4. Love your cupcake pjs! And what a sweet baby :)


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