Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fixing Broken Zippers: The Lazy Girl's Guide

The worst feeling in the world is most likely going through an entire day without realizing your zipper was down.
Yep, so been there.
It is mortifying.

The second worst feeling in the world is putting on your favorite pair of jeans and realizing that the zipper is broken!!
That's why I've come up with a simple and easy solution:

So obviously, start with your jeans. Here are mine:

I bought these jeans at goodwill for $5.99. I loved the patchwork design, the fit, and yes, the price!

It was only after I had bought them, washed, folded them, and went to wear them when I realized the zipper was broken.

It wasn't connected to both parts (if you know what I mean)

I'm having trouble with this zipper vocabulary, but just go with it :)

I was told that if I took them to a tailor, they could be fixed.
But let's be honest.
Who has time for that?
Certainly not me.

or you could call me lazy.
Visa Versa

So, I did the next best thing, and came up with my own solution.

Here's what you'll need

-adhesive velcro (I bought at hobby lobby)
-measuring tape
-needle and thread (or sewing machine)

The first thing I did was measure.
I measured the distance between just underneath the button to where the zipper ended.
again, my vocabulary is lacking
I got just under 2 1/2"

Then measure both sides of velcro and cut.

Then, peel&stick velcro and place on both flaps of zipper "pocket"

Note: I know that the velcro is self adhesive, but I was worried that it would come off as soon as I washed them. 
So I roughly stitched velcro and jean together.

You could use a sewing machine to make your life 10000x easier,
but I was too lazy to get mine out.
(This is the lazy girl's guide, ya know!)
And here is proof that I am not a sewer.
I can't make a rough stitch look decent.
But it worked and nobody will see it anyway
(well except you guys.... Don't judge!)

and that's seriously it!
Now, instead of using a zipper (well you can't because it's broken)
you have a new way to close up yo' pants!

and just FYI,  I've washed them and worn several times and the velcro has stayed put.

and no, you can't tell!
They look just as normal as non-broken(?) jeans.

It's your little secret :)


  1. I have a favorite brand of jeans...and every pair I own (3) now have broken zippers. So, I'm off to the store to get velcro! Thank you!


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