Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I Wore Wednesday: Peter Pan Edition!

If you follow me on instagram {I'm achammer},
then you'd already know that today's outfit has just a few of my favorite things:
Peter pan collar, mint green, and vintage hats?
yes, please!
I saw this shirt and instantly knew I wanted it.
I have been obsessed with Peter Pan collars.
In fact, I love them so much that next week I am sharing with you how to make your own!
Anyways, here's how I wore my new top last saturday just running errands:

Top: {new} forever 21
tank: target
jeans: loft outlet
boots: macy's off season

glasses: steve madden {belk clearance for $6!}
earrings: souvenir from paris


  1. what a cute shirt, love the mint color :) you rock it! found you via the pleated poppy!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I can't go any where without them!

  3. I love peter pan collars and I am having a difficult time finding them. So said you were going to do a tutorial on how to do your own. Did you make one already, I just started following you and I love your blog.


    1. Keep a look out for the post next week! Thank you thank you thank you for following! It means so much!


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