Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February Beauty Favorites

Since I never made it around last month to posting my favorites, I though I'd pick up in February!
Now, I know there are still a few days left in the month, but I was too excited to wait!
Here are my most used or favorites for the month:

I got this as a gift from my brother, and I have been using it everyday since.
The shadows are high quality and very pigmented.
I especially like the shades "Heaven" "Silk Teddy" and "Coco Puff"
to create a flawless eye look.
but I love them all!
I highly recommend the splurge on this. It's worth every penny!

I was a bit hesitant towards this at first because I find that a lot of stick concealers tend to be too thick for my taste. This one is perfect, though! It is the perfect consistancy. It's not too thick, but still provides great coverage.

I heard great things about this and it sure lived up to the expectations.
It smells great and is the first shampoo/conditioner where I can really tell there is added volume.
Plus, it's sulfate free so it won't fade my color!

I absolutely love love love these balms.
Every single flavor is amazing.
I specifically like this one because my lips get severely chapped in the winter.
The "medication" in this works wonders for that!
I put it on before I go to bed and I wake up with wonderfully moisturized lips.

This is my number 1 go-to shade.
It is the perfect taupe color.
Not too brown, but a bit grey.
I love it, especially in the winter months!

There you have it! 
What were your favorite products this month?


  1. Love these monthly favorites. I just discovered this different monthly hauls on youtube. I'm dieing to put one out.


    1. Oh, I love those too! I am obsessed with watching them. My favorites are Emilynoel83 and macbarbie07!

  2. Your brother gave you that set? He's awesome! I just discovered your blog on Five Days, Five Ways, and I'm loving your style! And the deals you find are amazing. Those yellow flats you mentioned in your weekend finds post? Wow! I wish my Old Navy had deals like that! They're pretty stingy...:(

    1. I find that sometimes they can be stingy, but others they can be great! I guess it's all about timing! Thanks for stopping by!!


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