Monday, February 4, 2013

Everyday Bathroom Storage

I'm a girl in every sense of the word.
I like clothes.
I like makeup.
I like hair.

After years and years of trying to hide that simple fact, I've finally become okay with it.
I've accepted that that's who I am.
Don't get me wrong, I'd still love to hop on a 4-wheeler and roll around in some mud every once and a blue moon, but I'd do it with style.

Oh, and to be clear,  I DO NOT like pink.
yuck. ew.

So anyway, the moral of this backstory is that I seem to "collect" a lot of "girl stuff"
and all that stuff seems to find it's way all over my bathroom counter.
As I'm sure you can imagine, this didn't sit well with me.
I had to come up with a solution.
had to.
(I'm also a problem solver)

So that's just what I did.

Enter Ikea:

and this Turquoise Cart.
I loooooved the color, and it solved my bathroom problem perfectly.
Now, I should also say that I am a starving college student, 
so when I saw the price tag, I walked away.
Little did I know, my fabulous mother had already added it to her cart.
Great minds, right?

Here is what I did with it:

I corralled all my "stuff" and organized it by tray:

Makeup goes on top

I got this clear organizer at a thrift shop years ago.
I love it!

{I put all my brushes in mason jars to keep them together}

hair brushes/tools and more products in the middle

misc on bottom.
This holds chargers and my large mirror
 (for lookin' at the back of yo head,
 'cause you know, it's ridiculous)
 ^click it.
do it, I dare you.

annnnnd....where were we?
oh yeah.

so here she is all filled up!
The size of this is amazing, by the way.
It's large in that it holds so much
but it's small in that it fits in compact spaces.

I placed it in front of my linen closet (which I never use) and wheel it by my sink when I need it.
It's perfect!

well, except the instructions on how to put it together.
That was a nightmare.
Which reminded me of this pin:

                                            Source: via Becky on Pinterest

Dear Ikea, write better instructions!!!


  1. Ah, that is so cute! And clever using it to store all your "getting ready" supplies. :)

  2. Very cute idea, I have not been to Ikea in a while, love the teal color too!!!!


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