Wednesday, December 4, 2013

November Beauty Favorites

Here's what I've been loving in November!

This school semester has brought me some serious under eye circles. This is the perfect concealer for them! It's definitely full coverage, but isn't thick like most. It's super creamy and doesn't crease under my eye. Not only that, but I also use it to coverage blemishes and it works wonders on those, too. I struggle with finding concealers light enough for my pale skin, and this shade is perfect!

(The name makes me blush typing it!)
I got a sample of this mascara in this set, and have been wearing it everyday since. I used to believe that paying for high-end mascaras was crazy because the drugstores were just as good, but this changed me! I have never wanted to buy a mascara more in my life. From the second I put this on, my stumpy lashes look amazing. It volumizes and lengthens the lashes without making them clumpy. Normally, I go no where without a bit of eyeliner, but with this mascara, I don't feel like I need to!
This is for sure going on my Christmas list!
(Sorry Santa about the name. I can't help that I love it!)

I got these at Costco for $14ish (don't know why the link above is so expensive!) because they were such a bargain and because both my mom and I use these nightly. I love these because 
1.They are cheaper than most ones at the drugstore. (You get 150 for $14 something!)
2. They are so moist compared to other brands. I hate some because they are way too dry to remove anything.
3.They take all of my makeup off with one towelette, whereas other times it takes me 2-3. It even removes all my mascara!
I definitely recommend picking these up next time you're at Costco.

I got this in the set I mentioned above as a little baby sample. YOU GUYS. THIS SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE.
Sorry, I didn't mean to shout.
It smells amazing, but it doesn't translate to your face once you apply it. It's a great color for my skin tone and I love that it's all matte.
Although, for $30, I don't see buying the full size. I'll just use up my sample!

I just recently received this set (thanks Aunt D!) and once again, haven't stopped using it since!
I love the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (for foundation) and I now feel the same for these brushes. They are so soft and don't lose hairs like some brushes seem to do. 
The first brush in the picture above I use with my NYX concealer to cover blemishes.
The next brush above, I use for blending in the concealer under my eye.
The 3rd I use for highlighting and the last for buffing in foundation for light coverage.
If you haven't tried this brand before, I'd totally recommend this set!

What products have you been loving this month?

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