Thursday, December 5, 2013

Life Lately...

I feel like it's been way too long since I've last 'talked' with you guys. I know I've posted but I haven't actually shared anything that's been going on in my life! 
Well, this post is going to change that. Here's my life lately...

Wednesday, my youngest brother got his wisdom teeth removed. Oh what fun that is!
I remember when I got them done I was in pain for weeks. And, unfortunately his were impacted and had to be removed immediately,  so he couldn't wait until after Thanksgiving. 
The white thing around his neck (we call them bunny ears) are ice packs by the way. 

Thanksgiving was just perfect over here. In fact, I just wish I could play that weekend over and over again on repeat. 
My mom made the food; of course turkey, cornbread casserole, homemade noodles, homemade mac and cheese, sweet potatoes and I could go on and on... 

but the best part was dessert of course. My mom went all out and made homemade cream puffs. 
For those of you who have made them before, you know that doing so is quite the task!
Anyway, My brother and my sister-in-law came over and we stuffed our bellies. Of course the parade and the dog show were a must, and after a nap, we mapped out our black friday thursday shopping plan of attack. It's been sorta a tradition in my family. Even if we don't buy anything, we still just have fun being together. (We aren't the crazies that will tackle you over a B-list $4 movie.)

First we went to Target, and that was our best experience the entire night. They had plenty of stock and even though the check-out line was wrapped around the store, it went so fast that it only took us about 10-15 minutes. 

Next, we went to Ulta (duh) and then Kohls, which was the worst. 
We hadn't gotten there until about an hour after they opened and the place was a disaster. We got what we wanted (a new vacuum) and got in line which was also wrapped around the store. We should've never assumed it would be like Target because it took us a whole 2 (!!!) hours to check out. It was cray. In fact, when my mom posted this status on Facebook,

my SIL and I went totally wacko and broke out in a game of "What happens faster?"
Some highlights:
"What happens faster? Standing in line at Kohls or waiting for the Obamacare website to load?"
"What happens faster? Standing in line at Kohls or trying to bake cookies on the hood of your vehicle... in December?"

See! I told you we were going crazy.

So after getting home at around 3, we slept most of Friday. In the evening we went to out local mall to walk around and get in the Christmas spirit (like we hadn't shopped enough in the last 24 hours). It was fun!

Then, Saturday we all woke up early to go see Frozen! 
I have to admit I was kinda annoyed that there was a new princess. I mean, come-on why fix something that isn't broken? I like keeping things classic, so I went into this movie thinking I'd hate it. 
Boy, was I wrong. Not only was it super funny (and I normally don't like cartoons!) but I found the new princess, Anna, to be super relatable. In fact, if I were to pick any of the princesses that I was most alike, it'd be her. She's so quirky and awkward, as am I. But she's also firm in her beliefs and wants what she wants! I also LOVED that the 'true love' wasn't with a guy. That just sealed the deal for me. I loved how a guy didn't rescue her or her sister, but rather she rescued herself! and of course she found love in between, but it was done so nicely I didn't even care. In fact, I was rooting for it! 

All that's a lot to say, but I completely recommend it. It's by far my favorite movie right now (I even want to go see it again) and I think Anna is now my favorite princess. (sorry Belle!)

Sunday was spent recuperating from the last couple busy days and I spent most of it doing homework. 

This is the last week of school for me before finals and it was crazy. I had 3 tests and two projects due, plus lots of homework. I swear I didn't have time to even think!
Luckily, I've had a few moments to stop and clear my head... at the elementary school we call these brain breaks! Hot chocolate in my favorite mug does the trick very well.

and here we are to today. In case you haven't heard (sarcasm) Dallas is having an Ice-pocolypse tonight and tomorrow through sunday. 
When I got this message....
 I couldn't have been more happy! Except that I had a class at 2, with a lab test that I still had to do. Oh well, C'est La Vie. 

But the weather hasn't lied, 
when I got into my car after the test, this was on my windshield:

Now, I know you northerners are rolling your eyes at that, but that's Texas for ya. We over-react to everything. 

But for real, we do get bad ice and aren't prepared for it with winter tireswhich does make driving crazy. 
I'm just glad I don't have anywhere to go tomorrow and I can relax in my warm bed!

Oh and in exactly 1 week I graduate. Very scary. 

Whew, I feel like that was a lot. 
*virtual hug* if you made it this far! 

But that's what's been going on over in my neck of the woods.

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