Thursday, December 19, 2013

5th Annual Christmas Cookie Exchange!

Every year, my mom and I host a Christmas cookie exchange party. This past weekend was our 5th year doing it!

Basically, everyone makes about three dozen cookies, packages them up in groups of six and we all exchange them and get to go home with a bunch of different cookies.  It's so much fun! We play games, chit-chat  and this year we added the hot cocoa bar!

This year we hosted it at our friend's Gymnastics gym. It was different and actually worked out perfect! The kids could go jump and play while we had our fun. (I even jumped too!)

This year we added that everyone could bring a tray of cookies to sample so we could vote on the best cookie.

(My cookies are the mason jars below)
We had so many this year that our table wasn't big enough!

A few details...

These were the party favors we passed out. 
(We found these guys at the dollar tree!)

We made these little photo props for everyone to wear. So cute!

We even did a Chinese Gift Exchange. It's always a blast.

There are two prizes: Best cookies and Best Packaging. This year, the ladies stepped up their game. All of the packages were awesome and the cookies... oh man...they're delicious!

Here's who won Best Packaging:
You guys, that's a snowman making kit!!! 
Here's a better pic
It had the following:
A corn-cob pipe, button nose, two eyes made out of coal, carrot nose, a scarf and of course a top hat!
It was adorable. Oh and the cookies were little melted snowmen. She really out did herself!

Best Cookie went to these guys:
Chocolate Turtle Cookies
They were awesome. I'm kinda sad I only got to bring one box home!

Our party was such a fun time and really got us all in the Christmas spirit. Both my mom and I were exhausted afterwards, but it was all worth it!

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