Monday, July 8, 2013

The Harriet Saga Continues....

So, I have some good news to report. No, sadly, poor Harriet has not been returned to us. 
We miss her and still have no idea who would've taken her. 
But, it appears as though someone was affected by her tale and left us with a gift:
Yes, this little fella greeted my mom one morning on our front porch.
Isn't he/she (we haven't decided yet) just adorable with all that round, plump perfectness?
It made me grin ear to ear. 
You see, pigs happen to by my favorite animal. In fact, my mom often posts pig pictures to my facebook. So someone obviously knew how much we liked pigs. 
Someone also had to hear about poor Harriet's tale...
Someone also had to know where we live...
Someone was also very, very kind. 

If that someone is reading this, THANK YOU.
No really, thank you. 
You made my heart happy. 

{FYI, we are still in debate over the name of this cute little guy. Please tell me of you have any suggestions!}


  1. This is clearly a boy pig, but he's a little goofy, so you need to give him a goofy name!


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