Friday, July 26, 2013

Our Visit to Rock City In Pictures

 My grandparents live on top of Lookout Mountain on the Georgia side. It's really quite lovely. It's very serene and quiet. However, on the Tennessee side near Chattanooga, there are several different tourist attractions like Ruby Falls, the Incline Railway and Rock City. 
While we haven't been to most of them, my grandparents decided to indulge us in a trip to see Rock City.
I was prepared to be bored the entire time, thinking that all we would be doing was staring at rocks for a few hours.
Boy, was I wrong!
It was actually quite amazing. The landscaping was awesome and the flowers were breathtaking, but the coolest part was all of the rocks! There were tight squeezes, and even an over look where you could see 7 different states!
Anyways, I'll stop talking now and just share some pictures of our trip. 

Thank you Nana and Papa for such an amazing time!


  1. I love that overlook! I would love to visit there someday!


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