Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Beauty Favorites

1. Physicians Formula Conceal RX Concealer (In shade Fair/Light)
Lately, as in since January, I've been having sleep trouble which has inevitably led to dark circles under my eyes. Yeah, not fun. So, I've had to find a good concealer that has enough coverage to disguise them. This one certainly is. It's thick, so just use a little bit, but it works wonders! It does the job well and a little goes a long way. {Watch out for sales at CVS for this. I got mine for $1.99!}

2. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain (In shade Sweetheart)
I'm the kind of girl who puts on my makeup once in the morning, and doesn't touch it again until I wash it off at night. I don't really touch anything up, because I just find that I don't need to. The same goes for lipstick. While I love wearing different shades, once it wears off, I don't really find myself re-applying throughout the day. This is why I love this lipstick! It's a balm-y feel, but it actually stains my lips so I don't have to ever reapply throughout the day (like I would anyway). I'd really like to try out a few other shades because this one is really bright. I'm thinking the shade "Honey" will be my next purchase. 

I got this in last month's Ipsy Bag, and I've been loving it recently! It's a really pretty shade that compliments my skin tone really well and lasts all day. It's perfect for summer!

I'm going through this phase where I don't want to wear liquid eyeliner like I normally do (it just takes too much time!) So I've moved back to using a regular old eyeliner pencil. I got this for Christmas and I love the formula. It is literally the smoothest eyeliner I've ever used. The shade is just a regular matte black so I'd love to try out the other shades as well. I'm normally not one to spend a lot of money on things, but I can tell you... this is worth it!

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  1. concealer is definitely my best friend! i love it with an illuminator:)


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