Monday, July 1, 2013

June Beauty Favorites

Where has time gone? I refuse to believe it's July. Refuse. 
Anyways, here's what I've been loving (Beauty wise) for the month of June!

I got this a few months ago with my mom's discount because I had been wanting both the blush and bronzer. Separately, they were $30 each, so when I saw that this palette had both plus a few eyeshadows, I knew this would give be a better bang for my buck. Now, the blush is quite popular (it's the one that starts with an "O" and rhymes with spasm) and I have to agree with how awesome it is. I also really like the bronzer; it goes well with my skin tone. The eyeshadows are just okay. The light shade is very very glittery, so I just don't get much use out of them. What I really like about this palette is how travel friendly it is. It's has basically everything you'd need and is great just to grab-n-go! I have to say, I definitely think it's worth the price!

Now, I've been trying to stay away from the BB, CC cream trend because I had heard from several people that they were pretty gimmicky(many companies just repackaged their tinted moisturizers and added the BB cream label). I got this one because I needed something lighter to wear during the summer months. I like how this does have SPF in it, although it does have that strong sunscreen smell. It's got pretty good coverage (I wear the shade Light) but does the job for adding just a bit of coverage to my skin. Only down side is that this does make my skin slick. I normally don't have oily skin, but I definitely have to set this with powder, which explains my next favorite.

I got this because I needed a powder to set the BB cream with and because I had heard great things about it. The smell when I first applied it kinda threw me off (it had that 'old lady' scent, if you know what I mean) but it went away by my second use. It adds just a bit of coverage and keeps my skin matte throughout the day. I have to say I really really like this! On days when I don't want to go through the hassle of putting on a liquid foundation, I apply this is my Eco Tools Buffing Brush and it gives me the coverage I need without wearing any foundation. 

I got this in March, I believe when Ulta had it on sale for $10 and I've used it everyday since then ( I know mascara goes bad in about 3-4 months). I have never really been specific about mascara because I just felt like they all performed the same on my dull, limp lashes. But you guys, I have found my kryptonite of all mascaras. This thing ROCKS!!!! It makes my lashes look so voluminous and it lengthens them like crazy. I am so sad that I have to throw mine away, because I don't want to fork over the $20 price tag. I haven't decided if I will repurchase, or try to find a drugstore dupe. Please share if you know of one!!

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