Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What I wore wednesday

Well, we are half way there folks! It's wednesday which means it's two(!!) days till Friday.
I, personally, am counting down.

Anywho, it's wednesday which means I'm linking up with lindsey for what I wore this week!

This is one of those outfits that looked better in my head.
Dress (which I believe is actually a top, but that will never happen)- Goodwill (Papaya) ~$6
Jeans- Goodwill (LC for Khols) ~$6
boots- steve madden ~$35 (clearance find)

Please excuse the scary eye ball. 
earrings- target ~$4 (clearance)

and also excuse the weird faces I'm making in these pictures...

I love this sweater! It is probably my favorite thing to wear right now.
Sweater: old navy (also worn here) Gift
Collard top underneath: Tjmaxx (also worn here) ~$15
jeans- loft outelet ~$20
wedges: Target

earrings-target ~$8
glasses-khols ~$3
awkward/cheesy smile :):):)- c/o myself :P

and finally,
sweater-goodwill (tulle) ~$2
top- goodwill (banana republic) ~$4
jeans- goodwill (loft) ~$6
earrings- same as above/ different color.
shoes-same as above

no, I don't want you to stare at my bum,
I just wanted to show how cute the back of this sweater is! 
I love it!

Happy wednesday!


  1. Giiiiiiiiiiiiirl - I am loving that fox sweater from Old Navy!!! I must go find one now! Super cute blog, glad to have stopped by :)

    1. Thanks! I love it too!! It is one of my favorite pieces right now :)

  2. If love all the whimsical animal knits and prints this season. So fun!


  3. I love the fox sweater, I want it soo much

    1. Check your local Old navy! I think they are online too! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Don't you just love the fox sweater!! I have one to. Check it out here...

    1. I love it! Great minds, right? :) thanks for stopping by!

    2. I'm back! I joined your site as well. Read the "about me", browsed around, and was hooked. I'm glad you did stop by! Nice to "meet" you in bloggy world. =)

    3. Awesome! nice to "meet" you too!! I love your blog too!!

  5. Love that foxy sweater! So cute!!!

    Stopping by from The Pleated Poppy!

  6. that fox sweater is so cute - I love the way you styled it. the glitter collar is adorable :)

    1. Thanks! I branched out and took a risk with the collar, and I loved it!


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