Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday- A Week of Blah...

Hey Y'all! Welcome back for What I Wore Wednesday!
If you're new here, I started doing WIWW because I found myself wearing nothing but T-shirts and jeans to class.
I hated it and made a simple change. 
10 minutes.
That's it. Now, I feel so much better about myself!

As I was uploading pictures for this post, I realized that everything I wore (ok, took pictures of), was basically the same color.
So, this week, I am challenging myself to more color!

Enough chatter, lets begin!

example number 1 of blah.
No color. at. all.
Shirt- $5 at Tjmaxx
tank-old navy
jeans-clothes mentor for $1!
earrings (sorry you cant see)- Franchescas clearance
Wedges-target via goodwill

So remember earlier when I said that I started all of this to get out of t-shirts?
Well, I'm never too far away from them...
This was my saturday attire.
Tee and jeans and no make up.
gorgeous right?
(insert sarcasm here)


Ok, so maybe the scarf added a pop of color, and I did venture into print mixing...
but it is still beige and boring.
Shirt: Goodwill
Jeans- Goodwill
flats- macy's

Scarf- Target (thanks Bro!!!)
earrings (if you squint hard you can barely see): Khols forever ago
Dog bootie- not for sale


Shirt: Old navy clearance
tank that looks terrible with this shirt...sorry: Franchescas clearance (I think like $4.50)
pants: clothes mentor, also $1
wedges: guess via goodwill

fabulous earrings-Accessory Dash

So, next week will have more color. 
I pinky-promise ;)


  1. I love that scarf... I was just admiring it the other day! :) Stopping by from WIWW!

  2. Hi there!!! Great outfit. LOVE IT! Your blog is great too. I am your newest follower!! I'm Hanna. Nice to meet you. You can find me at

    1. Thanks so much for visiting and following! I saw your WIWW post and love it as well.
      I'll be sure to follow your blog!

  3. I LOVE the polka dot scarf with the striped shirt!!! Bold & trendy!!! You are just beautiful!!!


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