Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I don't know why, but it has taken me forever to write this post! I have stared at the blank screen for a while and nothing has come to me.
For some reason I have zero creative energy so I'll just share what I wore monday!
We finally arrived home (after a 14 hour car drive!) and have began to settle back in.

Monday my mom and I finally went to see Les Mis (Amazing. there are no other words! ) and also stopped into goodwill (don't worry I stuck to my goal)
This is what I wore:

I was running behind so I just threw this outfit together.
and to be honest, it looked better in my head.

the denim top came from goodwill (it's banana republic)
 black tee and tank: target
jeans: khols (see this post)
wedges: also target

Necklace is a Franchesca's after Christmas clearance sale find 
I think it was less than $6.


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