Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What WE Wore Wednesday

Say that title five times fast.
 WIWW is back folks! Well, sorta. I just have one (well two really) outfits to share today. 
The other weekend my family and I went to our favorite Moroccan restaurant and before we went my brother snapped a few pictures of what my sister-in-law, Holly, and I were wearing!

My outfit was rather plain but I thought Holly's was just too darn cute not to share!
Here's what she's wearing:
Sweater and dress/ Urban Outfitters
Leggings/ Target
Boots (which are adorable)/ DSW

and my dress came from a garage sale (old navy) the wedges are from target and my earrings were a souvenir from Paris. 

and now for a blooper pic:
I'm pretty sure this was us saying "What the heck!" to my brother because he took one picture of us and left. I mean we are girls!! We need options!


  1. So cute...your brother takes photos like my husband! One and done! LOL
    You all look great, so cute and on trend.

    Have a nice day! Oh, I got the Revlon Tutti Frutti and love it. I am having to get use to seeing it on though since it has been a while since I've worn color. Thanks again!

  2. LOL! That's too funny! I Love BOTH outfits!!! You are beautiful ladies for sure, inside and out!!!


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