Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day, Mon Petit Chou

Have I ever told you that Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday?
 Well, it's true. Even when I was a little girl, I would spend hours obsessing over my handmade mailbox and perfecting all the Valentine's I'd give to my classmates. In middle school, I remember buying those 'Love grams' to send to all my friends and I remember smiling so big when I'd receive some back. In fact, I still have them after all this time! I never really had a Valentine in high school or in my adult life (or ever for that matter), but that doesn't stop me from loving this day. Of course I agree with the critics that we should tell our loved ones every single day that we love them, not just on a certain day. But there is something so special and magical about this day that just makes me giddy. It's like for one day we can make complete fools out of ourselves and just be gushy and romantic and actually get away with it.

Side note: Did you know that a popular french term of endearment is "Mon petit chou" (ma petite chou if said to a girl) {pronounced mohn puh-tee shoe / mah puh-teet shoe}.  Well what that actually means "My little Cabbage."
 So yes, the french, who are known for being the language of love, call their loved ones little cabbages. Let that one sink in for a bit. They also use "Ma puce" which translates to "my flea". They are natural born romantics let me tell ya.

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I wish you all the romance, cabbages (& fleas), hearts and of course chocolate your heart can handle! Tonight, I'll be getting chocolate wasted with a good friend, laughing over dumb inside jokes and getting in all sorts of shenanigans together as single ladies. It couldn't get any better than that! (I'm going to pretend that last sentence was true ;) )

Plus, you know where I'll be tomorrow....

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