Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday's Wardrobe: Spring has Arrived!

Or I should say "has" arrived. It was gorgeous last week, but today it's cold and rainy....bleh.
Here is what I wore when Spring finally made it's appearance:

Hate this picture, but loved the outfit.
White tee: GW $1.99
Skirt: Target via GW $2.99
sandals: Kelly and Katie Via GW $4.99
Necklace: everyday icing

can see that hippo on the bottom right? it's a long story but don't worry, I will share... soon. 
Jean jacket: Old navy via GW $3.99
dress: Target clearance $5
sandals: Kohls $8

necklace: Lisa Leonard

I never thought I was a hat person, but I needed one for the beach. I saw this one and surprisingly liked it on!
Hat: world market $13
tee: ann taylor loft outlet $12
pants: loft via GW $3.99
wedges: Target $14.98

I love spring fashion mostly because I could live in dresses and skirts! 
How about you?
How do you dress for the warmer weather?

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  1. Loved all the outfits!!! You are so a HAT person!!! It looks great on you! I have always loved denim jackets with pretty dresses. Thanks for showing me how to "modernize" that look!!!

    1. Thank you! I loooove my denim jacket! I wear it with everything it seems, and thank you for the hat compliment!

  2. You always look SO cute! I am excited to hear the story about the hippo! :-)


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