Friday, April 19, 2013

Eyebrows: My Story

I know you may be thinking
"What kind of title is that?!?!?!"
trust me, I kinda cringed at typing it.
but that's really what this post is about and I couldn't think of anything more cleaver. 
Here it goes:

Up until about three months ago, I was never 'an eyebrow person.' Sure, I would get them waxed at a nail salon about twice a year, and in between I would pluck with tweezers, but that was it.
  When I began to become more interested in makeup, I started to put more time into applying eye shadow, liner etc. but I still never did anything with my brows. It's no surprise that I would see my completed look in the mirror and always would feel like something was missing.
It was like no matter what I did, I would look at my face and feel like it was ugly.
I felt ugly and even makeup couldn't fix it.

Here is what I looked like at this time:
 I hated my eyebrows.

So, I started watching makeup tutorials on youtube and learned that it's pretty normal to fill in your brows.
I literally had no idea. I had never seen anyone do that and I didn't really no how.
I started reading and doing more research. I learned that I was over-tweezing majorly.
I also read from the Queen of Eyebrows that I was going to the wrong place to get them waxed.

”You should always go to a hair-removal specialist, where waxing, laser etc. is their main business – don’t go to a nail salon for a wax”- Cindy Barshop, Completely Bare 
I also needed to go way more often than I was. 
So, knowing all of this, I let my brows grow out for about a month, so that I could go to a professional and get them perfectly shaped and trimmed for my face. 
 Then, I booked an appointment at Ulta's Benefit Brow Bar.

I was so nervous and scared that the lady would tell me there was no hope for my brows.
I was instantly relieved when she told me that I could have Kim Kardashian's brows with only a few simple changes. 

First, she banned me from ever tweezing my brows, ever. 
(she does allow me to pluck if I have a unibrow growing, though)

Then, she told me to keep coming back to getting them shaped every six weeks.
At first, I rolled my eyes thinking that she just wanted my money, but I was wrong.
She didn't try to sell me all her products, instead she told me her honest opinion and told me the right products to buy for me. She also explained that it was so imperative that I keep coming back so that I can grow them to where I don't have to fill them in anymore.

Finally, she took her time to really teach me how to fill them in. Filling in your eyebrows creates a fuller looking brow. Doing this really frames my face, even though I may not naturally have those KimK brows. 
{If your interested, I currently use ELF's Eyebrow Kit to fill them in. It's only $3!}

Once she finished, she told me to look in the mirror.

I almost fell on the floor. 
I couldn't believe how much eyebrows really could make a difference
they're just eyebrows, right?

oh, no.
 I honestly didn't recognize myself.

That may sound silly to you, but for me, the one (of many) things that made me so self conscience before was no longer there. 

Since that day, I never looked back.
I now don't go anywhere without doing my eyebrows first and a lot of times I feel like that's all I really need!
Although, I hate that I spend $20 every 6 weeks to get them done, I know that it's worth it. 
 In fact, now people actually compliment me on my brows!

This may not be the same for everybody, but I am now a strong believer that eyebrows really do make all the difference.

Still don't believe me?

 Eyebrows... you need them.


  1. This post was fascinating & intriguing!!! I learned and laughed!! :D Thanks AC!!!

    1. Thanks Denise! I was worried that this post may seem bizarre. Glad someone enjoyed it!

  2. Ackk! That's Anne Hathaway, right? You made her look so scary!

    I have very thick eyebrows, and I am always self conscious about them. I should learn to love them!

    1. Yes! There are people that are jealous over your brows! Like me :)

  3. Amber, this is just what I need, my brows keep getting thinner and thinner with chemotherapy!! Yours look lovely and I will try to follow some of your tips and pray that mine don't fall out completely. Maybe I just need you to fly your pretty little butterfly self up north and help me out:) thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh, Christine, you are too sweet. Thanks for putting this in perspective for me. Here I am complaining about my eyebrows, when you are loosing yours. I am so sorry. I am praying for you! No, seriously! I am!


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