Friday, April 12, 2013

An Update: Please Donate for a Cure!

Hey guys! Yesterday was a tough day. As I told you, My sweet sweet cousin was rushed to the ICU because he hit his head and has blood on his brain (Due to passing out via Low Blood sugar. He's type 1 diabetic).
He was kept there overnight and wouldn't be released until he was more responsive. 
I have great news, folks! You're continuous prayers have worked! He was released this morning from the hospital and has had an amazing turnaround from just 24 hours ago. My grandma reported that he is
eating, showering, teeth brushing and no more slurring of speech!  His headache is gone and he is watching tv and taking it easy. He has to do just that for 2 weeks. So no PE, baseball, running playing, skateboarding. This will be hard for him because he is 100% boy, but we are all glad he is better and most important, alive!
THANK YOU! Thank you for your prayers.
God is so good.

Please please donate to JDRF. It is a terrible disease that is taking the lives of so many innocent children. 
Even if you can only donate $1, it can still make a huge difference for finding a cure. 
Jake even has his own team for a Walk for the Cure:
You can donate directly to him using this link.

love you jakester!

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