Friday, March 29, 2013

March Beauty Favorites

March is almost at it's end, so today I am sharing with you my favorite beauty products of the month.
I have heard wonderful things about this mascara. When I saw a coupon in the sunday paper, I knew I wanted to pick it up. I've used it ever since. It builds great volume but lengthens at the same time. I like it a lot! Plus it's pretty cheap. I think I paid like $3 after coupons.

I got this for Christmas from my mom (I'm pretty sure she found it at Ulta) and the smell is absolutely amazing. I have been using it since December, and am just now almost out. I've used it more as a body wash but also as a bubble bath and I even used it as a shampoo. All three worked great, but the most amazing thing about this is the scent. I can't even begin to describe it to you, but its wonderful. I also liked how it didn't leave my skin dry, like most washes do in the winter. 

So, you know already how much I looooove revlon's lip butters, so when I saw these come out, I had to see how they stood up against the lip butters. I have to say, that the Color Whispers are much more sheer and actually feel like a lip balm but also have great sheer pigmentation. The lip butters definitely feel more like a lipstick. The color whispers are great for just throwing in your purse and applying on the go. I love all the colors and I want to try more. Right now I have pin up peach and pink possibilities. 
I love both shades!

I have never been much of a powder person, mainly because I don't really get oily throughout the day. I picked this up because once again I got it super cheap with coupons and sales. I was so shocked about how this powder feels! It has the most unusual texture (Almost creamy, but not if that makes sense) and goes on the skin so smoothly. I use it to set my foundation (I have also tried the nearly naked foundation and like it too!) I have already hit the pan on mine, and I will be repurchasing. 

What were your beauty favorites for the month?

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