Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coconut Oil: The Great and Powerful

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Surely, by now, you have heard about all the wonderful uses for coconut oil
I have heard so many great things about it, so you know I had to jump in on the trend.


First things first, coconut oil is an edible oil thats extracted from the meat of a coconut.
While it looks similar to Crisco, it is hard to the touch. In other words, you cannot easily 'scoop' it out. To be able to use the oil, you have to set in in hot water, so the solid melts into a liquid. I just fill up my sink with hot water, and sit the jar in it for 5 minutes or until there is enough oil you'd need. 
I purchased a large jar from Walmart for less than $6. You can find it where you'd find olive oil.
Another plus is that it's 100% organic! I'm all for using less chemicals on my body!


~So far, I have used it to shave my legs with. It worked great! Normally, I have to apply lotion immediately after I shave. Because coconut oil is a moisturizer, I didn't have to. 
I also loved that since it is an oil, it didn't run off as soon as water touched it, which is one thing I hated about shave gel.

~I also have used it as a face moisturizer. After I washed my face with a cleanser, I applied about a dime sized amount all over my face. At first, my face looked extremely oily. I was worried that I would be blotting my face all day, but I was wrong. After about ten minutes, it soaked into the skin, and left my face super soft, but not oily. I really liked it!

~I also used it as a lotion. After I showered, I applied some all over my body. It also worked great! 

~I also read somewhere that coconut oil helps diminish stretch marks. So every night I apply a generous amount to some problem areas. I haven't been using it long enough to tell a difference, but I will update you if/when I do. 

~I have also heard that coconut oil is a great deep conditioner for your hair. While I haven't tried it yet. it works great on every place else, and I'm sure it will have the same effects. 

These are only just a few of the many uses for coconut oil.
If you want more ideas, this blog wrote 101 ways to use coconut oil.
There are literally so many different uses.
Have you tried coconut oil? If so, what are the different ways you've used it?
Share with me in a comment below!


  1. I love coconut oil. I slather it on the dry ends of my hair wrap it in a bun and let it soak over night. It is amazing!

    1. Thanks Nicole! I'm trying this tonight!

  2. I put a teaspoon of coconut oil in my hot tea every morning! Love it! It's one of those products that is good for you internally as well as externally! (Gee, I hope I spelled those words correctly!)

    1. OOoh! I will have to try this too! Can you taste it?


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