Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Welcome back friends!
If you're new here, I started (along with hundreds of other women) WIWW to get myself out of t-shirts and jeans and to put a little more effort into myself.
Linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy

That was my goal. 
I think I succeeded, but next week I will do better :)

Top: Yard sale (Target) for $1
tank: hand me down
jeans: goodwill (loft) $5
shoes: goodwill (old navy) $5

earrings: made by me
necklace: allora handmade

It was cold!!
Sweater: H&M
leggings: old navy
boots: rampage

Sunday was our annual christmas cookie exchange (pics soon!)
and I was so busy hosting that I forgot to get a picture of my outfit!
Luckily, I found this one with the lovely Martha! (check out her blog, it is awesome!)
Shirt: yard sale (loft) $1
tank: franchescas
Jeans: goodwill (loft) $6
wedges: thrift store $7
necklace: allora handmade

Doesn't Martha rock those red jeans?!?!

That's it for this week!
Enjoy your wednesday, friends!


  1. Red looks so good on you! You can totally rock the red lip look!!! Jealous me!!!

  2. Both of you ladies are gorgeous!!!


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