Friday, December 21, 2012


life rearranged

Well, folks we made it.
The end of the world.
I, personally, cannot wait for the apocalypse
because then I don't have to do laundry.

but that's another story.

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My car was on E
and I filled up for $26
There is a santa!

While nannying, I get to hang out with this guy.
He had an infection in his teeth, so they all had to be removed.
Which makes his tongue just hang out
on the side of his mouth.

Someone I know
is getting a really cool package

Then, I got the stink eye from my dog.

and I officially got the best birthday present. ever.

yummy ho cho on a cold night

only problem is the cold night thing has been lacking.
it was 79* wednesday
then boom!
Gotta love Texas weather.

have a great one!


  1. It takes 50 bucks to fill up my little car now. (We pay even more in Canada.) Cute photos. That poor, sweet dog. I guess it's all soft food for him, now? Have a fabulous weekend!

    1. I feel ya! I lived in Canada for a bit and gas was outrageous... on the plus side,though, at least there are attendants.

      and yes, the poor guy eats soft foods.
      Merry Christmas! and thanks for stopping by

  2. That Australian Shepherd you have is gorgeous!! And I am thankful gas is falling too...


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