Monday, December 10, 2012

My Fantasy Christmas List

It's the most wonderful time of the year, in my opinion at least
The cookies, the decorations, the lights, the presents
I love it all.
I also love pretty things. 
However, it turns out that a lot of the pretty things I like, 
are a bit pricey.
And you should know by now that I am cheap.
like really cheap. 
So, today I thought I'd share with you a few things on my fantasy christmas list.
(fantasy because all these things I am not expecting to receive)
and because it's just plain fun.
{for me at least ;) }

Oh, before I forget...
Thanks Abbie for giving me this idea!
well anywhoo, Let's begin, shall we?

Christian Louboutins
                                                       Source: via Amber on Pinterest

I dream of the day I can put my perfectly manicured and polished toes into a fabulous handmade pair of Louboutins and strut around town with my beautiful red soles. 
For some reason, I'm thinking this day might be a long way away. 
But a girl can dream right?
This pair is so classic and cute,
and just the right height for this clutz.

the urban decay naked palette

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

I've been lusting at this for a few months now, and I keep hearing everyone rave about it. However, I just can't justify spending $50 for eyeshadow. So onto fantasy wish list you go!

The Perfect Little Black Dress

                                                 Source: via Amber on Pinterest

ahh, anthro, you did it to me again.
If I could be a dress, this is what it would look like.
Plus, it will go perfectly with those Louboutins!
*Wink Wink*

This amazing Chandelier

                                                  Source: via Michelle on Pinterest


Oh my goodness. I am IN love with this. I love blue. I love mason jars, and I love blue mason jars!
It would go perfectly in my fantasy mansion.
(because this is a fantasy list, ya know!)

The complete collection of Austen novels by Penguin Classics

                                          Source: via Caroline on Pinterest

So, obviously great minds think alike (Abbie also had these on her list!)
I actually want the entire collection, 
but I figured I'd just ask for the Austen collection,
you know, since I'm being so modest.

No, I do not plan on receiving any of these things...
if any of you happen to win the lottery or just happen to stumble upon butt-loads of cash, and feel like sharing the weatlth
you now have a list of the perfect gifts that I'd just love to take off your hands :)

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