Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What I'm Jammin' To Currently

So you guys. I am obsessed with TFIOS (you should now this by know) so of course I had to buy the movie soundtrack. And every since then, I've been listening to it nonstop. So today I figured I'd highlight some of my favorite songs on the album. (because I am obsessed and a total nerd)

The one that's always stuck in my head is this one:

I listen to it on repeat and have a full on dance party for 1 in my room. I can totally tell this will be this year's summer anthem. Like I said, it's always in my head, like it is currently.....and it goes on and on and on and on and....

This one is probably my favorite one on the album:

I won't lie and say that it doesn't bring tears to my eyes almost every time I hear it. I also get goosebumps and I'm basically just a giant cheeseball of emotions every time I listen to it. Ed just gets me.

and this one I'm pretty sure everyone who rids in my car is sick of because I literally (misuse of literality, I know) play it over and over again:

gimme gimme that love I've been fightin' for, yeah!

This one I just love to pretend like I can actually sing to:

Just so you know, I can't sing. Like at all. But this song is awesome, nevertheless.

and because I just love John Green's sense of humor, I also jam like gangsta to this one:

Yes. This is swedish hip hop.
Just imagine my friend and I (both white girls, mind you) turn the bass up real high, windows down, drivin' around town pretending like we're wearing flat bills backwards, dropping a sideways peace sign, nodding our heads back and forth.

I could go on, but you should just buy the album and enjoy all of its awesomeness for yourself.

ps. Aunt Denise, if you're reading this (you might be the only one reading this) JUST READ IT ALREADY!! :D

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