Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My DIY/Revamped $35 Desk

So, a while ago, I decided I needed a desk.
 I needed somewhere to sit and do my makeup, but I didn't want just a vanity. I wanted something that has a multi-function aspect, as I also needed something to sit and do homework at and also to blog at!
Me, being the savvy shopper that I am, went to a local Facebook trading site and found this desk on there for $35. I instantly saw potential.

(Note, this isn't the actual place my desk resides. I just moved it over here it's normally in front of my window and the lighting in the pictures kept turning out horrible.)
 My initial thought was to repaint it, but for now, I like the color and antique-y feel.  
I love that it is on wheels and has deep drawers.

It came with really ugly wood knobs, but I knew that was nothing but a trip to Hobby Lobby to fix.

I went with these gorgeous mercury glass pulls for the side drawers...

and these flower-y silver pulls for the middle drawer.

Let's chat about the chair for a second. 
I had went to CCA with our friend from Canada (who didn't even know what CCA was) with the intent on buying a chair for my desk. 
I walked the entire store and didn't see anything I liked. As we begin to walk out, our friend yells for me to come look at just one more. 
Meet my new chair!
Once again, I thought it would be awesome to paint seeing that it was less than perfect, but now the dark wood is growing on me. I like how it accents the cream desk! Perfect for me :)

It had an ugly blue leather seat (which I was going to show you but I took the pictures of it without a memory card in the camera, and can't get them off.) 

 and once again, the seat was nothing a trip to Hobby Lobby and a staple gun couldn't solve. I went with this burlap-esque (it just looks like burlap, but it's really a soft fabric) and sliver metallic floral design. I love how it matches my pulls!

So, what does my desk contain, you may ask?

I have a few (okay, 4) drawers for makeup stuff,

           and the rest just hold a random assortment of stationary, memorabilia, and honestly a lot of crap. 

On the top of the desk, I store my brushes in miscellaneous jars/coffee mugs I thrifted. 

I also hold my perfume on this mercury tray I got at a thrift store. 

And that's my perfect DIY desk!! I love it so much. 

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