Monday, September 22, 2014

Project Goo: One Month Update

Two months ago, I started a project to try to use up and eliminate a lot of the leftover beauty products I have lying around half used. I started with 30's how I did so far:
I had 16 body/skin/haircare products and now I have successfully gotten rid of half of them! 
I have to say though, I am making very good progress on the rest. Most are actually almost empty but I wanted to be fair and only count the things that I truly threw away. 

Now onto makeup:
I've made it a point to use each of these products. After using them again for a few times, there were some I just did not like. Those I ended up giving to my Sis-in-law and have been trying to use the rest more often. Actually, I might start another pile of products to give to her!
Oh, and I discovered a rekindled flame for that FratBoy blush. LOVE IT! It looks so beautiful sheered out. See, this project has been so useful! 

I'll check back in next month for (fingers crossed) the last update. 


  1. Great job, reducing and reusing/sharing with family. I recently did this also and it feels so good to pare down and be purposeful about what you are using or not using.

    PS I plan to complete my Leibster stuff, it's just been so busy around here! wink, wink
    Have a great week! How are classes going?

  2. Hehe! I love everything you gave me! especially the lipsticks! I get so many compliments <33 Thank youu


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