Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Yes I'm Alive + Where I've been!

I guess I should apologize for my absence on this ol' blog, but truth be told, it was a nice break! Sometimes it's nice to break from things in order to stop and recollect your goals, etc, so I hope you understand. Nevertheless, I've been having a fantastic June! As I think I remember sharing, I am currently up in Ohio visiting my sweet Auntie! We've pretty much had a blast since the day I arrived. About two weeks ago, we met up with my other Uncle, cousins, grandparents and my father and went camping up in Holly Sods, WV.
It was more like traditional camping because I had to get used to using a hole in the ground as a toilet and didn't shower for 4 days (ew).

My cousin, Will, and I built our first fire!

We hardly took any photos for some reason but I love the two we got!

 I'll never forget this trip for several reasons.
A. I got to spend good quality time with my family I don't get to see that often.
B. It was my first time legit camping.
C. We rescued a lost hiker, which deserves it's own blog post!

So yeah, it was a lot of fun.

Then, we drove to the airport (also deserves it's own post, don't worry) and long story short, I ended up getting into Tampa almost two days later than originally scheduled. But, I made it and was so excited to spend 10 days in the Sunshine State!

My other side of the family usually gets together each summer for a vacation. Each year it's somewhere different, this year was our hometown of St. Pete/Clearwater area! My mom actually wrote daily recaps, click here to read them! I'm just going to do a brief photo dump.

The entire gang, minus my mom who's taking the pic!

The fun thing was that my best friend for over 8 years got to come in from SC and spend the week with us. I was elated because I hadn't seen her in over 2 years! She's beautiful, huh!?

All of these dudes have grown up with me and I consider each of them brothers! Actually, I consider all my cousins, brothers. (The guy in pink on the right is my only actual brother, the left are cousins and the right pic are family friends! Oh, plus my BFF on the left pic!)

The sunsets were just breathtaking!

One night, we went to a Rays game and had a ball (Ha! Get it!?!!) 

Ev caught a starfish!

Pretty rainbows!

Touring the GORGEOUS Don CeSar hotel, which I've already decided is the site of my future wedding. No I don't even have a boyfriend. 

We got bored and started a 500 piece puzzle. We both wanted to give up but I mean, once you start a dang puzzle YOU. MUST. FINISH. We did and the most annoying thing on the planet happened: ONE PIECE WAS MISSING. Grr....

Oh, and we finally saw TFIOS. My thoughts were good, but obviously the book is way better. But it still gave us an overload of the feels (as seen above). Formal thoughts to be continued.

Our last sunset!

Can you tell it's been a freaking awesome month!?!?! 
Well, it has. 


  1. Oh how fun! Your little cousin is so cute! You guys really did go legit are my She-Ro!!

    I saw TFIOS with my teen daughter who read the book and I cried like a child....oh my!
    Glad you are back in action, it encourages me to get back to blogging.


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